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Installation Art 101

The Weather Project by Olafur Eliasson LINK here for a quick look . The Nook at PAR-Projects is an installation art gallery. But what does this mean? Installation art is a medium within the field of visual art that relies on the concept of site-specificity. Essentially, each creation is designed to transform the perception of the space.  For perspective, other mediums that also rely on the concept of site-specificity including  public art, land art and intervention art.  While the boundaries of all these overlap, installation art is usually applied to indoor spaces. Site-specific installations can incorporate a range of new and old media to transform an interior space.  Often sculpture is used within installations.  And with the advent of new technologies like video, sound, virtual reality, etc., artists have more resources than ever before to transform spaces for an interactive art experience.  As Wikipedia defines it , "Installation art operates fully with