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Kailah Ware: 5 Questions + 1 #FunFact

Kailah Ware is a Cincinnati-raised photographer and film producer.  Since graduating from Wright State University, Kailah has worked on a number of local production projects, and recently won a People's Liberty grant for her project, 1 Degree of Separation .  What does community mean to you?   For me, community means support.  Everyone needs a community of people who share similar interest, a community that they can both build and depend on.  Building community is something that is ingrained in all of my artwork.  I am constantly looking for opportunities to connect with others and grow my community.  Why are you interested in PAR-Education or community education in general?   Community education is crucial to growing any community.  It gives a community the ability to grow and create together.  Co-creation is a powerful tool in getting to know the community you are part of.  What do you work toward in your free time? I write in my free time.  I am currently working to

Billy Simms: 5 Questions + 1 #FunFact

Billy Simms is a printmaker, photographer, performer, and sculptor.   He recently received his MFA from Miami University, where he focused on printmaking.   He also holds an undergraduate degree in Theatrical Scenic and Lighting Design from the University of Maryland Baltimore County and a Masters degree in Special Education from The Johns Hopkins University. What does community mean to you? Being kind and supportive of others. Why are you interested in PAR- Education? It's an opportunity to interact and give back to the community. You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why? An eraser, so I can revise. What inspires you? My wife. What would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse? Make sure that my cats are fed, their litter is scooped and that they are taken care of. #FunFact: I have written an award winning novel that has only one word. - - - - Billy's first FREE workshop launches Wednesday, March 1