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Back to blogging...

While it's been close to a year since our last post, we wanted to let you know we're officially back at it. And while this won't be an everyday type of blog, you can expect at least one post (or a fun image) every week or two as we definitely want to keep things fresh. Still, worth mentioning, since our last time jotting things, we've created an official website which can be found at and one of its cool features is that our blog feed is directly tied into the site, to keep it as much of a one stop shop as possible. The idea is to streamline content so our viewers know where to find our latest happenings. Still for now at least, we're going to keep all of our facebook "things" on facebook where they belong. We may add our twitter feed somewhere within the new structure though?? With that, we'll see you sooner than later. Please enjoy our new format, our new logo (if you haven't noticed), and our new and upcoming eve