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Krylon + Hollywood Coming to Northside's Yard Sale

Via our other site: In an unexpected twist of events, The Northside Yard Sale & Art Market Team was contacted by Los Angeles-based television producer Amber Engelmann a few weeks ago and now we have something to talk about. It turns out, the creators of Krylon Paint are sending a hollywood film crew up & down "The World's Longest Yard Sale" route to create fun, highly polished web episodes to show how their paints and products can transform yard sale finds into "new" items worth appreciating. Long story short, the film crew was given the task to pick three locations — from Alabama to Michigan — and you guessed it ...Northside is one of the three!! For these segments, the film crew is looking to capture all things great about Northside (and hopefully Cincinnati as a whole), so now we need your help. If you're a likable neighbor who has fun finds let us know! If you're a charismatic vendor hoping to be discover

Art Market Registration Open Through July 24th

If you didn't make the Early-Bird Registration Deadline, don't worry about it... You still have time to apply to be part of this year's event!   Rolling registration is open through July 24th!   As with the early registration timeframe, sign-ups to Put Your House on the Map are ongoing and without competition. Registrations for The Yard Sale's Central Location are also still first come, first serve ...while spaces remain available. The main difference is that applicants Registering for The Art Market are being held and curated into the show on a weekly basis ...and we've already started selecting those we'll be featuring on our blog over the next few weeks. In other words, let the applications roll on!  We're looking forward to this year's market please stay tuned for further updates!

August 8th // The Northside Yard Sale & Art Market

If you weren't already aware, as of last year, PAR-Projects is in charge of organizing The Northside Community-Wide Yard Sale annual, community event that's been happening in conjunction with "The World's Longest Yard Sale" for over 10 years. And this year, we're making it a bit more of a PAR-Projects event by taking over Hoffner Street (in front of our new home base) and hosting a curated art market. We'll have food & music as well! Learn more at