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A Salute to LOT-EK

It was about three years ago when Vincent Sansalone introduced us to LOT-EK, the NY-based architectural firm that's widely known (and awarded) for their exceptional repurposing of shipping containers. Since then, we've made it a habit to re-visit for inspiration, motivation and a continuos stream of "of course we can" thoughts, often derived from their projects and imagery. Pictured above is Puma City, an early project of the group that served as a retail and event space, created out of 12 repurposed shipping containers. With that, we salute LOT-EK for being an innovator in the field.  PAR  ...and on a side note: Congratulations Mr. Sansalone! We wish you and yours many years of continued joy and dedication.

Another Good Reason For Travel:

In this industry, if that's indeed the proper terminology, there are tons of highs and lows. There's your first art sale; there's your first show rejection. There's your first international art exhibition; there's that first time someone steals your concept, then excepts your admiration. Then there's that first invitation. Whatever your take, I'm sure most can see ways to relate the arts to the Rockies: vast, beautiful, treacherous and oftentimes overwhelming. We're talking mountains here. So why be part a part of this mountainous machine some call the art world? When considering this question personally, two things come to mind: What the h___ else would I do? ...and... The moments; those golden moments that can only be achieved by following one's soul are often worth it. Pause: Officially, consider this a two part blog-post as I thought I'd be jotting "Detroit this, shipping container Detroit that by now." In all honesty

A teaser...

Don't worry, we'll have more to report in the next few days ...and we'll probably post two or three more blog posts to further detail our visits to Detroit and Chicago. For now though, we'd just like to let you know we had a great meeting with Shel from Detroit Collision Works / First Container yesterday (pictured above) and the energy is definitely high. We're currently in Chicago visiting our shipping container supplier (as well) and touring their facilities ...while grasping all that's possible with these little bundles of steel joy. Still, as our Makers Mobile fundraising campaign is still going strong (40% funded with 14 days remaining), we'd like to invite you to join in before time runs out. Luckily, we get to keep all funds raised AND all donated funds are instantly doubled, so we hope you'll consider visiting to learn more about how you can help us help the creative conversation our adventure

Back to blogging...

While it's been close to a year since our last post, we wanted to let you know we're officially back at it. And while this won't be an everyday type of blog, you can expect at least one post (or a fun image) every week or two as we definitely want to keep things fresh. Still, worth mentioning, since our last time jotting things, we've created an official website which can be found at and one of its cool features is that our blog feed is directly tied into the site, to keep it as much of a one stop shop as possible. The idea is to streamline content so our viewers know where to find our latest happenings. Still for now at least, we're going to keep all of our facebook "things" on facebook where they belong. We may add our twitter feed somewhere within the new structure though?? With that, we'll see you sooner than later. Please enjoy our new format, our new logo (if you haven't noticed), and our new and upcoming eve