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2018? Let’s try that again!..

[ 2min VID + 6min TXT ] Much like our Happy Winter video embedded above and/or  Linked HERE  , we’re ready to repeat. When looking over notes and reviewing the ups & downs of 2018, they read a bit differently than years past. Though rocky at times, we’ve found a formula that pushes us as an organization and now have a practice round under our belt. The tweaking process is a go! Two thousand eighteen was a change of pace. Personally speaking,   YeAr ONe  as a parent was officially under way. “Yay Waylan!!” But in the same breath, Team PAR- was gellin’ and able to launch two new initiatives — an applied arts education program in Kennedy Heights and new strategies to help fund local artists, starting in Northside. The boat was rocked, construction milestones were reached at Headquarters , and our organization as a whole continued to mature. Memorable times! Though we only hosted two full exhibitions last year, both were rather impressive. Christian Benefiel thrilled u