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Winding down...

As things begin to wind down and truck-out (literally) with The Factory Square Fine Arts Festival, we at parProjects would like to simply say "Thank You!" again. Thank you to all of the artists (and architects) for all of your hard work, patience and involvement with something as experimental as this ....our first festival. THANK YOU to our Sponsors... Thank you to our collaborators who helped make it all happen. Thank you to "MDS999" for making the above video ( Nice one! ). Thank you to the volunteers who helped keep our event(s) together. Thank you to our coordinators who went the extra mile for us. Thank you to the writers and publicist who kept us abuzz. Thank you to the THOUSANDS of people who attended! And maybe most importantly... Thank you to The City of Cincinnati for allowing us to pull this off! (Be warned tho, folks are starting to catch on to how awesome the city can be.) You ALL rock rock on ...with us ...updating soon.  pa

City Beat November 9th, 2011

A big "thank you" goes to Steven Rosen for this feature in Cincinnati's City Beat. We appreciate the kind words and confidence in our exhibition. Click here to launch the article in a new window. Once launched, clicking the article (again) will enlarge the text to a readable size. Thanks again,  parProjects