Sunday, December 7, 2014

Fireside Pizza x Walnut Hills RF = Great Stuff

As our first week of thanks (#TogetherWeGrow) comes to a close, we'd like to solute an outstanding project that was spearheaded by the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation. This one was dynamic, historic and quite tasty — Fireside Pizza.

Oftentimes we hear about and/or read about new developments, but never quite know where they came from, what considerations were made, or even just who was really involved. Did someone swoop in from out of town? Was the community involved in the conversation? Do the tenants fit the neighborhood? The great news, is that this time around everything was done right, mostly thanks to the WHRF and their consistent engagement with the people of Walnut Hills.

If you live in Cincinnati and have ever been to a Crafty Super Market or an outdoor even at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center, you may recognize the pizza trailer in this photo. Four or five years ago, that's how Fireside got its start.

They make quick, crispy crust, delicious pies, that you can easily pick up on the run. They get creative with toppings and sauces. They deliver food with a smile. But most importantly, they offer one of the city's few fire-cooked, thin crust pizzas at an extremely affordable price ...and I'm talking starting around $5 affordable.

Still the question remains, how did they find such a perfect brick & mortar location inside one of Cincinnati's most historic locations? That's where the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation (our future PAR-Projects collaborators) stepped in. As fate would have it, Fireside Pizza was looking to expand their on-site catering operation as one of WHRF's most recent rehabilitation projects — the oldest standing firehouse in Cincinnati USA — was nearing completion please take three minutes to enjoy the video they've put together about this particular piece of historic architecture...

Fired Up: The Restoration of a Walnut Hills Landmark from Walnut Hills Redevelopment on Vimeo.

- -
As we continue to look forward to working with Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation in 2015, we hope you'll take a moment to like their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter and/or join their email list.

But if you don't feel like being bothered with more positive stories of success and redevelopment, we hope you'll at least take a moment to visit Fireside Pizza at 773 E McMillan Street in Cincinnati, OH. While we were there, we enjoyed a sausage and banana pepper pie with red sauce, as well as a Pesto Plus pizza with mushrooms.

You won't be disappointed!

...and thanks again to team Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation. We're really looking forward to working with you in 2015. Let the good times roll...

Cheers to it all,

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Why even care about a Foundation in Walnut Hills?

"Why even care about a Foundation in Walnut Hills?"
- It seems like a good question at face value.

"I mean really, foundations just donate dollars to kids and stuff ...right?"
- Umm... let's stop there.

A few days ago, we announced we'd be collaborating with the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation in 2015. We thought it would stir up a little more excitement, but then a conversation with the WHRF events coordinator was recalled. Just weeks ago, she mention something to the tune of "We're not even really a 'foundation' in the typical sense, which confuses a lot of people when they see our name."

So, who and/or what is Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation?
- As their website notes:
  • We are the community development corporation serving Walnut Hills and East Walnut Hills.  We believe a quality physical place is a driver of a healthy, safe, thriving community. So, we work to improve the physical environment of our neighborhoods.

But let's look a little deeper...

  • This is a group serving a community that is over 65% minority, with half of the population living under the poverty line.
  • This is a team of men, woman, minorities and not, working together to bring positive change to their community.
  • This an organization that is literally transforming their neighborhood(s) for the better, by rehabbing buildings, hosting community conversations and organizing family-friendly events.
  • This is a team that's helping positive businesses open brick & mortar locations for their community.
  • This is a group of artistic thinkers putting their time to good us.

This is why we hope more folks will get excited about our plans to collaborate on 2015!

Cincinnati Street Food Festival 2014 from Walnut Hills Redevelopment on Vimeo.

Truth be told, we're not exactly sure what our 2015 collaboration will look like yet. But as an organization that shares many of our same views, we only know it'll be designed for the people of the neighborhood, as well as those who may want to check out something new from outside of the neighborhood. And as demonstrated above, if you watched the video, we're especially proud to be partnering with an organization that embraces the diversity of their neighborhood.

That said, please stay tuned for more updates on this collaboration. But if you want to take it on yourself to learn a little more about this group, please follow some of the links below:

+ Like their Facebook page
+ Follow their Twitter account
+ Share your ideas for their new park
+ Sign up for emails on their website 

And please, if you want to help us spread the word, share this post on your favorite social media platform with the hashtag #TogetherWeGrow ...and let everyone know we — PAR-Projects — have lined up a number of exciting collaborations for 2105!

Thanks again for staying tuned,
Team PAR

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Don't fake it. Collaboration is more than just working together.

You know the term, a picture is worth a thousand words...

When we paused for the picture above, all we knew is that we were enjoying our beverages; we were enjoying our conversation about the future of Cincinnati; we were enjoying sharing thoughts on how each of us was doing our part to help; and maybe most importantly, we were enjoying the work of the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation — the creators of September's Food Truck Festival (2014). And for clarity the four different "WEs" represented in this photo are End Slavery Cincinnati, Mortar Cincinnati, Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation, and us of course (PAR-Projects).


Given this information, the motivation of Fuel Cincinnati, plus the title of this post, we've decided to do something a little different as we approach this holiday season of giving. We're giving the spotlight to some folks we've worked with in the past, as well as a few organizations we'll be working with in the future.

In my view, collaboration isn't "Hey buddy, I already do this thing; how about I bring it to your thing and see what happens?" How about not?!? Instead, collaboration, again in my view, is "Hey there, I do this thing. What do you do? Hmm... OK. How can we work together to create something that has a purpose?" The key to this thought process is the togetherness factor. But again, you need to know what each other do to work together. That said, throughout the holiday season, we hope you'll revisit this blog to learn more about our past, present and future collaborators.

How can you help?

Glad you asked...

Every time we highlight someone via Facebook, via Twitter, and/or via this blog, just do the same on your social media channels; but when you do so, make sure to use the #TogetherWeGrow hashtag to make your voice heard. It's free and easy to show your support for our continued support of others why not help us all grow together?!?

Today, we begin our first week of giving by highlighting our fellow Fuel Orbit Challenge competitor, the one and only Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation.

If you already know something great about them, their Beirgartens, their Food Truck Festival or even just the work that they're doing to bring their diverse community together, please share it publicly. Brag on them and use the #TogetherWeGrow hashtag it's too easy not to help.

If you want to learn a little more about this dynamic group, follow any or all of the links below to start learning and sharing about this group. We're excited to bring our hard work to Walnut Hills in 2015, so we hope you'll join us in building positive vibes!

Here's some links...

+ Like their Facebook page
+ Follow their Twitter account
+ Share your ideas for their new park
+ Sign up for emails on their website

And if you like this sort of good energy, be sure to check back here tomorrow, and for the holiday weeks to come, for more updates about some of our favorite people in and around the region.


Thanks for the support,

Jonathan Sears
Executive Director

Monday, December 1, 2014

Remembering the warmth.

It's cold out there people...

So as we begin finalizing our collaborations and plans for the warmth of 2015, we thought we'd take a look at some of the major things we've been able to accomplish in our short existence. To help illustrate some of the highlights you may not be aware of, we've put together a few images for your enjoyment. And worth noting, as you'll see, we're especially proud of the development we've been able to spark with our hard work, our volunteers' hard work, plus a bit of creativity and donor support.

That said, after viewing our graphic below, we hope you'll consider joining our current fundraising campaign. For the first time in our history, we're offering affordable memberships, which will help us (finally) raise the extra funds we need to start building an art & education center for Northside, Cincinnati.

So after enjoying some pics, please consider joining us over at...


We need five hundred, $40 donations to really make a splash next year. Joining team PAR-Projects before your friends do would be a great way to help us build a stronger community. The free access to 15 outdoor film screenings alone, before everything else, will make your investment well worth it.


Thanks for your consideration!
~ Team PAR-Projects

Friday, October 3, 2014

A successful 1st week. Onward we go.

If you follow us on social media, you probably already know...


Excitement aside, we are pleasantly surprised with the amount of positive response we've received since day one (actually prior to day one if we're being honest) — as our first week goal was to simply recruit 10 new members (at $40 each) and raise a solid $400. To our delight, after just 7 days, we ended up with 12 new members and over $900 in the till ...not bad right?!?

That said, onward we go...

During week two, we'll be calming down our number of posts to social media (just a bit); but in the same breath, we'll be asking our new members to start helping us get the word out, so you may see a post or two... here & there. The primary goal of this campaign is to build community after all. So really, our biggest hope is for our members to get as excited about this project as we are and want their friends to join in the energy as well.

I mean, we are building an outdoor movie theater after all ...and what's not exciting about that?!?

Still, one key thing that should be mentioned as we start building momentum is that we are extremely interested in sharing our story & history with you and your friends/colleagues, so please don't hesitate to lend us your questions and comments. You can check out our Fundly page all you'd like, but in all reality, connecting with PAR-Projects on a more personal level is always recommended. We've simply done too much to expect a little on-line research to give you the comfort level (with us) that we'd like for you to have. Plus, conversation is one of the easiest creators of community!

That said, we are also interested in helping to organize private events and pot-lucks if you'd really like to connect with us on a social-evening type level. Simple snacks, beer, pasta, wine & cheese are all easy ways to get some conversations going, so why not right? Our first pot-luck was just booked and we're already excited about it. The host has even requested that we bring a few graphics & images to hang on their walls to create a fully immersive experience excited!

All in all, we hope you'll stay tuned in to our campaign, our progress and/or even just our website in general. Before retiring to become the first piece of our building, our shipping container gallery space (#MakersMobile) is also traveling around with the Radiate exhibition — an interactive light & sound installation by Sam Ferris-Morris & Just West — so why not stay tuned in to that via our Facebook page.

In general, we're simply excited to keep you informed! Click some links below if interested.

Cheers to it all and happy weekend!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Northside Rising is less than 2 weeks away!

If you hadn't heard, Northside Rising, a 50/50 event benefiting both PAR-Projects and The Apple Street Market initiative is less than two weeks away! Please mark your calendars and help us celebrate the purchase of our new land & building in Northside.

We're delighted to (already) be hosting:

  + Young Heirlooms
  + Baoku & The Image Afro Beat Band

When: Saturday, August 30th
 - Performances start at 7pm

Where: 1662 Hoffner Street
 - Cincinnati, OH 45223

As they become available, more details will be launched to
Free "tickets" are also available at

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Help Celebrate This Saturday

If you enjoyed our BIG NEWS announcing our new land deal, why not help us celebrate at our sculpture garden along the Mill Creek Bike Trail this weekend?

This Saturday (July 26th), we'll be hosting Ryan and Kelly Fine (of the Young Heirlooms) for an intimate performance amongst the sculptural work of Kate Demske, Ben Lock, Meg Mitchell and Sean Mullany. And if the weather forecast holds up, it looks like it may be the perfect afternoon to grab your favorite folding chair and/or blanket and join us in celebration of our recent news!

A map to help you find parking is pictured below.

We hope to see you soon!

+ Date: Saturday, July 26th
+ Time: Noon - 3PM
+ Address: 3950 William P. Dooley By-Pass

Want to invite friends via Facebook as well? 
Just Click HERE.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

We just bought some land in Northside!

Depending on when you tuned in to the efforts of PAR-Projects, you may or may not know our overarching goal is to build an art & education center for Northside Cincinnati, that focuses on teaching practical arts (e.g. graphic design, web building and studio-related skills) at a community accessible level.

Well, we're one step closer now that we've purchased a parcel of land in Northside -- which happened to come with a small building that will be used for office space and outdoor performances.

More about our upcoming plans, our structured rollout and our fundraising goals for this project will be launching soon. For now though, please enjoy knowing Northside officially has a new place for events, community gatherings and quite possibly an outdoor, family friendly movie theater!

The first major event in our new space is scheduled for Saturday August 30th!

It will feature food, beverages, live music, interactive artwork and will benefit our efforts as well as the efforts of Apple Street Market to bring a new grocery co-op to the neighborhood!

Thanks for spreading the word,

Team PAR-Projects
1662 Hoffner Street

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Artist Spotlight // Robert "Boomer" Moore // BMB 2

With Brass Meets Bronze 2 less than two weeks away, we thought we'd spotlight a few artists to give an idea of the artistic bar we're setting with this exhibition.

Pictured here is one of Robert "Boomer" Moore's pieces that will be featured in Brass Meets Bronze 2. Made from Indigenous Ohio Clay, Stoneware, Slip-cast Whiteware, Glass and Wood, "Drink Me" is a process oriented piece that allows the artist to reflect on his responsibilities as a father.

As the West Virginia-based artist states
"More conceptual and sculptural in nature, these pieces predominantly have gained their identities from concepts of utility, pacification, and environments stemming from being a parent. As a new parent, I was submersed in new forms and ideas of utility. Ideas bounding from breast-feeding to the same toys I looked at when making pots. However, I found myself looking at toys not as playthings but rather as pacifiers and their importance that infants/kids place upon these objects. Objects that define a child's learning environment and personality traits."

If you love this piece, please mark your calendars for May 10th (& 11th) , and come see more of Boomer's work at Brass Meets Bronze 2 in the heart of MainStrasse Village (in Covington, KY). Tickets to the Maker's Mark Main Event are still available HERE and there's no telling when you'll have another chance to see the work of this WVU professor in person.

See you soon!
The BMB2 Team

If the above link doesn't work, find your tickets at:

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Road Less Traveled // Brass Meets Bronze 2

1,400 miles and counting...

On Saturday, May 10th, the second year of Brass Meets Bronze lands in the heart of MainStrasse Village (Covington, KY) and it recently dawned on me that a lot of folks have no idea the lengths we're going to put this event together. With that in mind, we've decided to create a mini-blog series (thanks Ray) to loop people into this journey …and what could be more fitting than to start with the first major road trip?!?

The adventure to bring some exciting out of town work to the Northern Kentucky/Southern Ohio region began last Thursday with a journey to meet up with Felandus Thames, a recent Yale grad who's creating all new work for Brass Meets Bronze 2. Our conversations were rewarding and when all was said and done, it was good to be in New York again …especially since the arts brought us there. Regretfully, we couldn't stay as a few other points were calling.

From there, we rolled down to the Washington DC Metro Area to connect with Lincoln Mudd and his abstract iron and cast aluminum work, which I'll be photographing for your viewing pleasure in the next few days. Good conversation ensued with him and his wife, but again the road was calling...  "Onward!" brought us to the work of Christian Benefiel and landed us a bit off of the path in Leedysvile, MD. Still, these two two interactions were especially great as I had fallen out of touch with both of the artists' recent practices and given Christian had created some wood and bronze work especially for this event made the trip that much more exciting. Plus he and his wife took us to a great little place for lunch — Blue Moon Cafe in Shepherdstown, WV — where the town's river literally runs in and out of the grounds.

We weren't done though...

Before heading back to Cincinnati we stopped in Morgantown, WV to visit our pal Robert "Boomer" Moore, who leads the way with ceramics in the WVU art department. Of this journey's stops, Boomer's the one who's returning for his second year and if you remember and enjoyed  the cylindrical ceramic work embellished with copper fittings, that was him. This year, he's submitted multi-media works made from glass, ceramic and brass fitting ...which we'll detail in our next post!

In closing, while this post isn't filled with a bunch of dazzling imagery (as most of it is still tightly packaged and/or wrapped due to the recent rain here in Cincinnati), starting with part of our journey will hopefully help set the stage as we plan to continue expanding our reach as the years roll on.

All in all, this event is our baby and we're looking to grow it into a well traveled international, passport carrying entity. With that, please stay tuned with this blog for artist spotlights and updates from more of our partners.

We hope to see you May 10th // Mother's Day Weekend.
Thanks again to our sponsors ...ArtsWave + Maker's Mark + MainStrasse Village Association!
Learn more at

Until next time,

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tis the season to COLLAB(orate)

"Cheers!" to an exciting 2014 season. We're looking forward to sharing all of our collaborative efforts
...and we hope you're ready.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Take a break... (and be Happy!)

Sometimes you just gotta take a break for a little dancin' and happiness!

Hopefully your holiday season treated you well.
Cheers to a happy 2014!

And if you have a little time on your hands, the 24 Hour video experience can be found at: