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A successful 1st week. Onward we go.

If you follow us on social media, you probably already know...


Excitement aside, we are pleasantly surprised with the amount of positive response we've received since day one (actually prior to day one if we're being honest) — as our first week goal was to simply recruit 10 new members (at $40 each) and raise a solid $400. To our delight, after just 7 days, we ended up with 12 new members and over $900 in the till ...not bad right?!?

That said, onward we go...

During week two, we'll be calming down our number of posts to social media (just a bit); but in the same breath, we'll be asking our new members to start helping us get the word out, so you may see a post or two... here & there. The primary goal of this campaign is to build community after all. So really, our biggest hope is for our members to get as excited about this project as we are and want their friends to join in the energy as well.

I mean, we are building an outdoor movie theater after all ...and what's not exciting about that?!?

Still, one key thing that should be mentioned as we start building momentum is that we are extremely interested in sharing our story & history with you and your friends/colleagues, so please don't hesitate to lend us your questions and comments. You can check out our Fundly page all you'd like, but in all reality, connecting with PAR-Projects on a more personal level is always recommended. We've simply done too much to expect a little on-line research to give you the comfort level (with us) that we'd like for you to have. Plus, conversation is one of the easiest creators of community!

That said, we are also interested in helping to organize private events and pot-lucks if you'd really like to connect with us on a social-evening type level. Simple snacks, beer, pasta, wine & cheese are all easy ways to get some conversations going, so why not right? Our first pot-luck was just booked and we're already excited about it. The host has even requested that we bring a few graphics & images to hang on their walls to create a fully immersive experience excited!

All in all, we hope you'll stay tuned in to our campaign, our progress and/or even just our website in general. Before retiring to become the first piece of our building, our shipping container gallery space (#MakersMobile) is also traveling around with the Radiate exhibition — an interactive light & sound installation by Sam Ferris-Morris & Just West — so why not stay tuned in to that via our Facebook page.

In general, we're simply excited to keep you informed! Click some links below if interested.

Cheers to it all and happy weekend!


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