Thursday, May 1, 2014

Artist Spotlight // Robert "Boomer" Moore // BMB 2

With Brass Meets Bronze 2 less than two weeks away, we thought we'd spotlight a few artists to give an idea of the artistic bar we're setting with this exhibition.

Pictured here is one of Robert "Boomer" Moore's pieces that will be featured in Brass Meets Bronze 2. Made from Indigenous Ohio Clay, Stoneware, Slip-cast Whiteware, Glass and Wood, "Drink Me" is a process oriented piece that allows the artist to reflect on his responsibilities as a father.

As the West Virginia-based artist states
"More conceptual and sculptural in nature, these pieces predominantly have gained their identities from concepts of utility, pacification, and environments stemming from being a parent. As a new parent, I was submersed in new forms and ideas of utility. Ideas bounding from breast-feeding to the same toys I looked at when making pots. However, I found myself looking at toys not as playthings but rather as pacifiers and their importance that infants/kids place upon these objects. Objects that define a child's learning environment and personality traits."

If you love this piece, please mark your calendars for May 10th (& 11th) , and come see more of Boomer's work at Brass Meets Bronze 2 in the heart of MainStrasse Village (in Covington, KY). Tickets to the Maker's Mark Main Event are still available HERE and there's no telling when you'll have another chance to see the work of this WVU professor in person.

See you soon!
The BMB2 Team

If the above link doesn't work, find your tickets at:

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