Wednesday, July 23, 2014

We just bought some land in Northside!

Depending on when you tuned in to the efforts of PAR-Projects, you may or may not know our overarching goal is to build an art & education center for Northside Cincinnati, that focuses on teaching practical arts (e.g. graphic design, web building and studio-related skills) at a community accessible level.

Well, we're one step closer now that we've purchased a parcel of land in Northside -- which happened to come with a small building that will be used for office space and outdoor performances.

More about our upcoming plans, our structured rollout and our fundraising goals for this project will be launching soon. For now though, please enjoy knowing Northside officially has a new place for events, community gatherings and quite possibly an outdoor, family friendly movie theater!

The first major event in our new space is scheduled for Saturday August 30th!

It will feature food, beverages, live music, interactive artwork and will benefit our efforts as well as the efforts of Apple Street Market to bring a new grocery co-op to the neighborhood!

Thanks for spreading the word,

Team PAR-Projects
1662 Hoffner Street

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