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Introducing Applied Arts Education

So "more" arts education, huh?

This is a question we field from time to time when some learn we’re rolling out applied arts educational programming at PAR-Projects. 

What we’re up to is not just “more” arts education; but if it were, just more arts education would be great. It's indeed needed ...throughout the city ...throughout the country for that matter. Few would argue we have an abundance of creative thinkers and creative problem solvers.

Original & creative thought is simply becoming harder to find, especially outside of affluent communities.

That said, and like most things we do, PAR- Education is a little different from the norm. Our biggest goal is to create and support career pathways in the visual arts. Therefore, instead of teaching more traditional classes (e.g. painting, drawing, and crafts), we’re focussing on applied arts education. And by definition, “applied arts are arts in which objects are designed or created in order to be used rather than simply to be viewed.”

Specifically, we’re teaching digital media classes that will help young adults (16+) find ways into media arts careers; classes that will help entrepreneurs maintain their personal brands; and classes which will help “office folks” learn extra skills that may help their companies maintain newsletters, video spots, and/or better manage their social media platforms.

We’re also offering classes that help practicing artists maintain their drive and further focus their creative output. Courses in this category range from how to better maintain a sketchbook practice, all the way to properly filing taxes as an artist. Generally speaking, we hope to encourage creative thinkers to keep creating. We need more artists who’d like to become stronger, self-critical, self-sufficient artists, so we’re doing all we can to support those brave minds.

To accomplish these goals, we’re constantly and consistently recruiting creative professionals interested in lending their skills to the greater good. This ranges from university professors interested in helping out on a community-level, to professional graphic designers willing to give back to the community. We even have a People’s Liberty grantee or two on our team!

So as you notice our space age imagery — compliments of NASA — in print and/or roaming your favorite social media channels, think about who may benefit from a little extra push in the realm of creative thought. Then, if you don’t mind, offer them a little encouragement. Even if it's not encouragement to take one of our classes, a quick “go get ‘em” is always helpful.

But if our applied arts classes are of interest, please find more information and/or feel free to send folks towards our current schedule at:

Thanks in advance!


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