Monday, January 30, 2012

As January comes to a close...

We'd more than likely be upset with ourselves if we ended up not posting anything this month. So, without further ado, "Happy New Year!" ...sorry we almost forgot.

Still, we wanted to let you know that the planning of our 2012 season is well under way! For starters, we've been invited to participate in this year's FOTOFOCUS exhibition (details to the right). We've also been coordinating some pop-up exhibitions in new neighborhoods and putting together a major interdisciplinary art event for late spring (details launching soon). And to keep the ball rolling, we recently met with a lot of the city's art centers and plan to start working on our Driven 31 series in the next month or two.

Our major capital campaign to build an Art & Education Center will be launching soon as well. So, feel free to link to our Building Plans page or for details on the structure ...if you're unfamiliar with our design.

So, while all of that is being finalized, we'd like to, AGAIN, thank everyone who made 2011 such a memorable year for us. The amount of community and media support has been greatly appreciated. And as we continue to update our press postings, we'd like to leave you with some links that we've found:

And finally, if you've been keeping up with this website recently, you've probably noticed things are beginning to change, so we appreciate your patience if you've caught us on one of our testing days this month. We're working to bring you a nice, cohesive site, so please bear with us ...and feel free to follow our movements on your own or via one of the tools in the far right column (towards the bottom).

Thanks again for everything,

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