Tuesday, August 30, 2011

State of the Arts ...and Tonight at Niehoff Urban Studio

Still no plans for tonight? If not, you can join us at the Niehoff Urban Studio (2728 [Short] Vine St.) at 5:30PM. We've been invited to participate in the Soapbox Speaker Series panel discussion 'art lessons' ...along with Kennedy Heights Cultural Arts Center and Clifton Cultural Arts Center. This event, hosted by Soapbox should be a good way to meet us and some other impressive arts organizations in the city. Clicking the first image or this part of this sentence, will link you to a page with all of the details.

By clicking the second image above or this part of this sentence, you can read more about the art centers featured in the panel discussion. And before we forget, we'd like to send a big "THANK YOU" to Geoffrey Dobbins for including us in the article. It is greatly appreciated.

Thanks folks,

Long links:
+ http://soapboxmedia.com/features/083011soapboxspeaks.aspx

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