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The State of Matter (Map and Directions)

The map for our art-walk/week of events is finally here!
The RED circles represent where gallery spaces and events will be taking place. And below the map, you'll be able to find directions (to Jacob Hoffner Park) from various points surrounding The Greater Cincinnati Metro Area.

Click HERE for the schedule of events.

To Jacob Hoffner Park (4104 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45223):

From points north -- on I-75 South.
-01. Take exit 6 for Mitchell Ave toward St Bernard (0.3 mi)
-02. Turn right at W Mitchell Ave (0.2 mi)
-03. Turn left at Spring Grove Ave (1.1 mi)
-04. Slight right to stay on Spring Grove Ave (0.3 mi)
-05. Keep straight onto Blue Rock
Jacob Hoffner Park will be on your right after crossing Hamilton Ave

From points south -- via I-71 North

-01. Merge onto I-75 North Entering Ohio (22.5 mi)
-02. Take exit 4 to merge onto I-74 W/US-27 N/US-52 W toward Indianapolis (0.5 mi)
-03. Take exit 19 toward Elmore St/Spring Grove Ave (0.2 mi)
-04. Merge onto Powers St (0.1 mi)
-05. Turn left at Apple St (0.3 mi)
-06. Turn right at Blue Rock St
Jacob Hoffner Park will be on your left at the Hamilton Ave Intersection

From points west -- via I-74 East

Take exit 18 for Beekman St toward US-27 N/Colerain Ave (0.2 mi)
-01. Keep right at the fork to continue toward Beekman St (0.2 mi)
-02. Turn left at Beekman St (0.4 mi)
-03. Turn right at Colerain Ave (0.3 mi)
-04. Slight left at Blue Rock St (0.3 mi)
Jacob Hoffner Park will be on your left at the Hamilton Ave Intersection

Participating "Week-of-Events" Venues (October 23rd - October 30th)

Prairie - 4035 Hamilton Ave (2nd Floor above Take The Cake)
(show up through November 23rd)
The BEI Shipping Container Gallery - 4046 Hamilton Ave (behind Slims/Vout)
Hoffner Lodge - 4122 Hamilton Ave (2nd Floor above Post Office)
Happen Inc. - 4201 Hamilton Ave

Open Studios (12pm - 3pm on October 30th)

w/ Margot Gotoff @ Gotoff Studios - 1546 Knowlton Avenue
w/ James Hazel @ HazelGlas - 4150 Hamilton Avenue
(glass blowing demo #2)


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